tracylord: Tippi Hedren and her daughter Melanie Griffith

The Color of School Closures Spread the [rather obvious] word: “Mass school closings have become a hallmark of today’s dominant

Germany 1980 “Hehehehe. We sure did beat the crap outta you Poles.” “Hehehehe. Yeah, ya sure did. … Hey, wanna

Dougal for Pope. If there is any justice (or any god in the heavens), let it be Dougal. #FatherTed

Arcanthus Scolds His Darkmoon Monkey for Being a Very Bad Monkey on the Faire’s Boardwalk. That was one pissed-off gnome.

How could no one on Azeroth know this thing was floating around for over a 1,000 years?

If only our beagles were that talented …

It’s that time of year again … 24 hours of A Christmas Story. And visit the house here for more

Bayley and Frank, Frisinger Park, Ann Arbor, during that same glorious autumn day, October 2005.