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If every senator & congressperson carried the manifests of the vessels that carried their ancestors to America, our broken immigration laws would probably be fixed by now. Proud that the great grandparents of @ossoff were likely helped by an @HIASrefugees worker on Ellis Island

“Yes, we lost the White House and Congress, and yes, we fought to undo Biden’s electoral victory and, yes, we even encouraged a deadly mob to storm the Capitol, but why oh why hasn’t mean old’ Biden unified the nation yet?”

Did I miss the memo?

Since when did the people who are responsible for committing horrible crimes get to tell the victims of those crimes to "move on" and dictate what the consequences will be for their own actions?

Some GOP types are already coming out attacking the Biden plan for dealing with COVID. GOP - we tried it your way and it killed 400,000 people so far. Perhaps get out of the way. Failure shows you failed. Let experts take over. You’re welcome to keep your plan of injecting bleach

I couldn’t wait one more day to have this meeting, to say thank you on behalf of a grateful nation, to educators for their heroic commitment to students during this pandemic. 

You’ve been so strong; and we will be strong in our support for you.


As millions of Americans celebrated @potus's inauguration, some of my former colleagues in the health insurance industry were quietly celebrating some news of their own: their *most profitable year ever*. That’s right: insurance companies made a fortune during a pandemic. (1/11)

For far too long the wishes of the vast Majority of Americans have not been met. Whether it be Health Care, the Environment, Racial Justice, Immigration, Education or Gun Safety, we are continually blocked by the Minority. This has to change. Start by eliminating the Filibuster.

When your opposition tries to overthrow the country and fails, then calls it “revenge” for demanding accountability, you know they are an enemy who cannot be trusted with power.

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