Twitter-dee, Twitter-dumb.

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Impeachment hearings take up all the oxygen as the enigma of Trump’s health remains unexplained. WH denials of course are unreliable & strange, evading simple basics. What’s going on w/POTUS? #Presidementia #TrumpHealth

LIEUTENANT COLONEL (thank you very much, #DevinNunesIsAnIdiot) Vindman is beyond awesome. That is all. #devinnunescow

"Do not worry. I will be fine for telling the truth."

Vindman is the best this country has to offer. He understands the values- which we so often fall short of- that make the American idea worth pursuing.

Vindman on the Army: "We do not serve any political party, we serve the nation."

That's really the problem. Trumpists believe the job of everyone in the US government is to serve Trump.

$800,000 Contribution From Ukrainian Billionaire Has Lindsey Graham In Hot Water

Trump should be concerned about corruption in Ukraine. Asking for the investigation of one American — a US citizen who just happens to be the son of his reelection opponent— is NOT evidence of a concern about Ukrainian corruption generally.

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