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FRIENDS: If you are fortunate enough to have received the child tax credit, but don't need it, please consider donating to some of these teachers!!! They need it for school supplies, books and cleaning products #ChildTaxCredit #Teachers #School #BacktoSchool2021

@NicholasFerroni Oh and PS go ahead and put the camera in my room. I do my job, I'm proud of the job I do and I would love to have what I and so many other teachers do go viral.

@NicholasFerroni Might we add for those demanding camera in the classroom so they can ''see what we're doing" that we don't need a camera in their home to "see what they as parents do" - we can spend 10 minutes with their child and know exactly the kind of home they come from.

2/ We have yet to accomplish any of those things. When you notice that ALL students, everywhere, are doing all those things, then you should be suspicious.