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This is no longer just an election. These people need to be wrecked electorally, financially, & reputationally. They ran a gargantuan scam, harming America for their grift. They need to be ignominiously demolished at so that no future Trump, Barr, or other thug tries this again.

"It’s not going to get better in November. You can’t save yourselves with one election, especially one which is already corrupted. Even in older democracies like Sri Lanka we’ve never had an election as messed up as yours. We never sabotaged our own post office."

For those who didn't see, late last night a trans journalist in our community had a mental health crisis after covering our protests for months.

They are getting care, but could use financial support. Please venmo @ JFlorencePDX

It was obvious tonight that if you are a member of the press, they will shove you down, beat you, arrest you. Was this your intent @OregonGovBrown to suppress the Right to Free Press?

Police assaulted journalists who were complying with orders. One member of the press, who is visually impaired and producing an audio documentary, was repeatedly shoved and jabbed with batons. Her guide, also a member of the press, was arrested. Will post video soon.

This must be addressed by our government officials. Abusing protesters on the sidewalk, legal observers, and 73 photojournalist John Rudolf.

The brutality, unaccountability, and gang like behavior of police in Portland is exactly what’s keeping the protests going.

John is one of the most professional and experienced photographers out there. He is clearly press, complies with every order, tries to stay out of the way. I’m so tired and sad.

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