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Now THIS is how sane, rational, reasonable, responsible, caring, empathetic U.S. presidents tweet. And good on the RFK Human Rights folks. We miss you more each passing day, Mr. President.

Health care for disabled veterans: "Too expensive!"

School lunch programs: "Too expensive!"

Coverage for pre-existing conditions: "Too expensive!"

Low-income housing: "Too expensive!"

Massive military parade:

"Oh yeah, we can afford that!"

Medicare for all: “Too expensive!”

Infrastructure: “Too expensive!”

Good schools: “Too expensive!”

Job training: “Too expensive!”

A living wage: “Too expensive!”

A whole new branch of the military but set in space, where no one lives:

“Oh yeah, we can afford that!”

53 years ago today, the Voting Rights Act was signed into law by President Johnson. I shed a little blood on that bridge in Selma and friends of mine gave their lives so that no person would be denied their right to vote. Now do your part—get registered, and vote. #goodtrouble

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Every time I say “Fuck Trump,” trolls tell me I’m not being I put it in elegant and civilized....


Huge thank you to everyone who has poured your hearts into this campaign.

We’re not done yet. 🇺🇸 #TN7

RETWEET if You Promise me that you will Vote in the 2018 Midterm elections!

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@RandyMoss explains that during one of the biggest moments of his life he wanted Black families who’ve lost loved ones to racial violence and police brutality know that they’re not alone.

It’s a Maxfield Parrish kind of day in Music City, Middle Tennessee. @ Lowe's Home Improvement

My girlfriend Tessa (We just passed our sixth anniversary! And she’s about to turn 13! Time flies!) is looking mighty regal in the setting sun. @ Nashville, Tennessee

Am no fan of the shark Jaws - among other things he absurdly ate my child one 4th July weekend - but he should have his own page on a private website for no reason.

My voter id card with new address/polling place arrived today, so I went and voted early. No lines, easy peasy, except for that annoying voter suppression device, the photo ID. But here’s…

The new kitchen rug is 4’x6’ and Her Majesty Queen Sascha is now claiming every square inch as her Sole and Sovereign Property. And if the other Royal Courtiers encroach on Said Territory…

We got a new soft shag area rug for the living room, and Tessa, fresh from her bath, is luxuriating prettily. @ Nashville, Tennessee

Miss Tessa is all refreshed and clean and fluffy after her bath, with a nice new yellow bandanna. Now home and it’s nap time. She turns 13 next month!! We’ll have a teenager in the house!…


"I just want to let you know what a nigger you are." -Jeffrey Whitman, owner of Uriahs Heating, Cooling, & Refrigeration in Columbus, OH

Jeffrey Whitman, in his own company vehicle, chased a Black man all the way to his home to repeatedly call him a nigger.

His Imperial Majesty The Roux wishes it known that he has collapsed and fallen over in the middle of the kitchen floor in a starving faint because the kitchen churls revolted and refused…

Spellwing. Field medic title, 15 alts 2 lvl 110. Accomplished all I wanted 4 Legion; it's now dead. Long live BfA!

“If I stare at you cute enough and hard enough, will you get up and get my dinner ready?” Tessa can work it even better than the hounds. Yes, it got her her dinner. And hugs. @ Donelson,…

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Prince Goose is just chillin’ on the couch which he’s not supposed to be on. Pretty and pretty indulged. @ Donelson, Tennessee

Legion now done 4 me. 2 more chars to get to 110 from 107; & I got a (paid, but hey!) birb before the end. On 2 BfA.

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