Twitter-dee, Twitter-dumb.

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America 👏 does 👏 not 👏 have 👏 a 👏 far 👏 left 👏 movement 👏.

Our far-right are fascists.
Our center-right are extremist nationalists.
Our center-left are classical conservatives.
Our far-left are moral centrist moderates.

While the House fought about whether to call a racist a racist yesterday, 1000 #JewsAgainstICE blocked every entrance to ICE HQ for five hours in the sweltering heat. 

Inspired? Text NEVER to 83224 to join the fight to #ShutDownICE for good.


America has always embodied the story of those who seek to advance freedoms for all people, and those who try to conserve them as privileges for a select few.

Each of us must decide who we will be in America’s story.

We’ve chosen the side of the people.

History is not, indeed, on their side. Because the past does not inform and guide Homan and his cohort's actions today, he and his cohort are repeating that past to the suffering of many. They are beginning to repeat 1935 ... will they repeat 1942-45? And thank you Mr. Marks.

I mean the guy who’d be running against the thrice-married accused rapist and serial sexual abuser party buddy of Jeffrey Epstein who paid $130K in hush money to a porn star.

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