Twitter-dee, Twitter-dumb.

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Y'all served this shit sandwich up, now eat it. “There are many reasons why young people are turning away from the Church, but my observation is, Trump has vastly accelerated that trend. He’s put it into hyperdrive.” Thanks Donnie! #EmptyThePews

[email protected] has said repeatedly today that Pres Trump has not taken a stance in favor of or against the Confederate flag.

Let that sink in a minute.

The president of the United States can't say whether he supports flying a flag associated with treason and supporters of slavery.

I didn’t agree with John McCain’s politics. But I admired him as an honorable man. As a war hero & POW who suffered more for his country than any man ever has.

Donald Trump has sacrificed nothing for his country. He isn’t fit to hold John McCain’s jock strap.

As far as I’m concerned, John McCain was the last real Republican. The rest of you assholes are corrupt cult Trumpocrats. An infamous disgrace on the history of our great nation. #GOPComplicitTraitors

Trump commuting Stone in exchange for Stone not rolling on Trump is of course a quid pro quo. Is it politically incorrect in these circumstances to remind people, maybe in a whisper, that the Constitution defines “Bribery” as a “high Crime,” automatically an impeachable offense?

Trump commutes the prison sentence of Roger Stone while the officers that killed Breonna Taylor are still free. The two systems of justice in this country must end.

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