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At the end of all this, we had 4,424 KIA & 31,952 WIA (still dealing with their wounds), while we left 20,000+ dead in Iraq & a victorious Iran. All for the hubris of he who I used to call the Boy Emperor & his inner circle. What a shameful record. Props to the Army historians.

Finally, there were "gaping holes in what the US military knew about Iraq. This ... led the United States to make some deeply flawed assumptions" [such as believing] "the Iraqis would greet the US military as liberators just as they had been in France" in WWII.

It's "a devastating portrait of Rumsfeld, the only Bush administration official who refused to do an interview with the Army historians. [Thanks to Rummy], "the war was always under-resourced in terms of the number of troops on the ground necessary" [to the mission].

Key takeaways from CNN's executive summary: "The essential message of the Iraq War history is that wishful thinking and ignorance were the key drivers of the early decision-making about the conflict." and ...

Here's an executive summary, if you don't have weeks to read the full report:

Those quotes were from the foreword by 38th Chief of Staff of the Army General Raymond T. Odierno. The report is long, detailed, relies on declassified documentation ... and gives the lie to the entire Bush administration's ... administration of the war.

But at least there's this: "In addition, it was a field of sacrifice for many thousands of our fellow countrymen. Above all, these volumes are meant to ensure their sacrifices are never forgotten."

Continuing the quote: " It was a formative experience for a generation of Soldiers and leaders." Oh god, what did they learn and what messes will it get us in in the future??!

Astonishing quotes: "For me, as a Soldier of 40 years, the history of the Iraq War is the astonishing story of an Army that reached within itself to learn and adapt in the midst of a war that the United States was well on its way to losing." 😳

An amazing history of the Iraq War was released on Thursday by the Army and nobody noticed because ... walls and MAGAts, I guess. But basically, the Iraq War? We lost. Iran won. It's quite a read.

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