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@UndyingHunter I’m sorry. Here’s some ammunition, if it’s useful, fwiw...

@TheRaDR Like, there are times I wish I could engage with my Xtian family to show them that their homophobia has no basis in the Bible and that it’s all mistranslations, but I know they’d just find some way to disregard it. Cause Xtians always find a way to disregard Jewish interpretation

I have to say this again and again:

Do not try to get into "what does the Bible say in this verse" debates with people who know Hebrew, if you don't.

It will not end well.

[screams into the void]:

Elizabeth Warren created an entire government agency dedicated to stopping corruption by the rich. She’s the only one who wanted to prosecute the big banks after the subprime collapse and is the only one promising to prosecute Trump’s criminal ass.

The fact the multinational companies involved (Shell, Petronas, Mitsubishi, PetroChina, TransCanada, etc) would not pay for a route based on free, prior & informed consent should make us question the economic case for the project already heavily dependent on government subsidies.

Land protectors in Canada are blocking railroads and forming human shields to stop the construction of a pipeline through Indigenous land.

To balance the scales in a country steeped in Christian supremacism, it would be far better if more members of other religions and more atheists and agnostics served in elected office

#SundayMotivation #EmptyThePews

“The night after Jaime was killed, I spoke at a vigil in #Parkland. Following that vigil, I came home & said, “I am going to break that fucking lobby.” We are succeeding. The NRA is a shell of its former self.“ [email protected]_guttenberg #VoteGunSafety2020

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