AirBeagle has been online since 1999. He is a former small-town daily newspaper reporter, public education communications director, and elementary/secondary teacher. He has over 30 years writing experience in a variety of media. He earned a bachelor’s degree in English from Cameron University in Oklahoma and a master’s in elementary education from the University of Michigan. He currently lives in Nashville, TN, with his partner (a university research librarian), their beagle, Fergus (11), their basset/treeing coonhound Goose (4), and their basset hounds, Roux (8) and Sascha (11), and they are fostering a chocolate lab, Tessa, (13). Their beagles Bayley (12), Fred (5) and Feargal (8), and their basset/corgi/beagle Bosco (10) have all sadly crossed the Rainbow Bridge.

AirBeagle fell in love with airliners at the age of five during a fateful encounter with a brand-new Pan Am 747. He is the author of Deadly Turbulence: The Air Safety Lessons of Braniff Flight 250 and Other Airliners, 1959-1966, his first aviation book, and is currently planning, researching, and writing his second.