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‘Splaining Things to the Kids

A Democratic Socialist explains «what Democratic Socialism actually is»: Not just a return to the halcyon days of the New

Those Who Forget the Past …

Looks like my second book (about microburst crashes) just gained a new chapter, «as described at AvHerald». Passenger-point-of-view videos are

A somewhat weird good morning Rochester today as steam from a power plant drifts across the rising sun. Wind is

Oh, yeah. (Source:

tracylord: Tippi Hedren and her daughter Melanie Griffith

The Color of School Closures Spread the [rather obvious] word: “Mass school closings have become a hallmark of today’s dominant

Germany 1980 “Hehehehe. We sure did beat the crap outta you Poles.” “Hehehehe. Yeah, ya sure did. … Hey, wanna

Dougal for Pope. If there is any justice (or any god in the heavens), let it be Dougal. #FatherTed

It’s Richard

It’s Richard Researchers in England confirmed this morning that the skeleton found underneath a Leicester car park is indeed that


Shazam! Gaaaaa-uhhhhh-lllleeeeeee!!!!! (But thanks for coming in out of the cold, finally!)

“Our journey is not complete until our gay brothers and sisters are treated like anyone else under the law –

The political consequences of academic paywalls

The political consequences of academic paywalls “The suicide of Aaron Swartz, the activist committed to making scholarly research accessible to

Arcanthus Scolds His Darkmoon Monkey for Being a Very Bad Monkey on the Faire’s Boardwalk. That was one pissed-off gnome.

If 6,000 white male children and young adults were being murdered every year in the U. S, as is the

Opt Out!

Opt Out! Opt out of high stakes testing and resist all “market-based reforms” that seek to privatize and destroy public

I believe in one God, and no more; and I hope for happiness beyond this life. All … institutions of

Sounds Like … Hmmm.

“All the believers were one in heart and mind. No one claimed that any of his possessions was his own,

How could no one on Azeroth know this thing was floating around for over a 1,000 years?

If only our beagles were that talented …

Jayne Cortez: 10-May-34 — 28-Dec-12

Jayne Cortez: 10-May-34 — 28-Dec-12 “The poet Jayne Cortez, who has died aged 78, was unambiguous about her craft: "Words

How Many Slaves Work For You?

How Many Slaves Work For You? My number was 43 … If anything, it shows that not much has changed

The Voyage of the HMS Clueless

The Voyage of the HMS Clueless Truly sailing in a world created of their own delusions. But I wish New

Arriving, Late 2013: 'A Threatening Sky'

A Threatening Sky: Braniff 250 and Other Bitter Lessons of the Early Jet Age by Steve Pollock will be published

Bedroom Cinema 28-Dec-12: The People vs. Dr. Kildare

Bedroom Cinema 28-Dec-12: The People vs. Dr. Kildare See a clip here.

It’s that time of year again … 24 hours of A Christmas Story. And visit the house here for more

Bayley and Frank, Frisinger Park, Ann Arbor, during that same glorious autumn day, October 2005.

Bayley and me, Frisinger Park, Ann Arbor, during a glorious autumn day, October 2005.

Before their eyes are even open, the three Beagle Boys posed for the cameras. Fred is on the left, Fergus

Bayley Murphey as a puppy. 17-Oct-94, Plano, Texas.

Our favorite pic of the three Beagle Boys, in one of the few instances where all three were still for

A favorite pic of Roux Royale, Bassett Hound of Extraordinary Destruction. He was rescued from the back roads of Roane

And one of my faves of Feargal (2007 – ). The Feargal Butt will also score tons of turkey tomorrow!

A classic look in the expressive eyes of Fergus (2007 – ). That look is going to score him tons

One of my favorite pics of Fredrik (2007-2012). It’s been four months and the pain of losing Fred-Fred to fast-moving

One of my favorite Bayley Beagle (1994-2007) pics of all time. The pookus would be 18 years old now and

Tomorrow Today Yesterday

Dreams, trials, memories Hopes, fears, memories Desires, defeats, memories Isn’t yesterday anything but memories? No, tomorrow is always a memory

One Nation Under God?

One Nation Under God? And another Amen.

The War on Teachers

The War on Teachers Amen.

All kinds of [original and funny, not recent and crappy] Simpsons win here.

Testing pixlrmatic

Experimental email photo.

Me, Frank and Bayley Murphey Beagle, Ann Arbor, MI | Spring 05

Flatirons, Boulder, CO | Feb-06

Tail, Concorde, Boeing Museum of Flight, Seattle, WA | May-08

Farmhouse My Dad Lived in at Age 17 in 1949, Corvallis, OR | May-08

I-75 North, Atlanta, GA | Oct-09

Me and the Tower Bridge, London, England | 12-Apr-00

Fergus and Feargal Play Tug of War, Nashville, TN | Apr-09

Reichstag Building, Berlin, Germany | 17-Apr-00