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Tessa: Turkey Bird Good!

Shhhhhh. Turkey bird good. Don’t tell Mummy! Posted by Steve Pollock on Thursday, November 23, 2017

Say Your Prayers

My girlfriend Tessa is staying a week with us while her mommy Carol Miller Stewart is up nawth havin' Thanksgiving

His Majesty's Crush

We have de'tente! His Majesty is deigning to take a nap next to Princess Tessa, who is at the Manse

Miss Tessa Visits Hound House

"My mommy went to the Smokies but I have to stay here in the Horror Hound House for THREE WHOLE

"You're taking me WHERE??!"

"You're taking me WHERE??! To the horror house with all the noisy smelly hounds?! Nooooooo!" The eyes speak volumes as…