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Bayley Murphey Beagle

Another Anniversary

It’s been TWELVE (12)!!! years??! Holy cow. In spite of all the special dogs (Feargal, Fergus, Fred, Roux, Sascha, Bosco,

Yawny Fergus

Fergus Beagle avoids the camera studiously, so I snuck up on him and caught him mid-yawn. Incredibly, he turns 11

Fergus Gets Gingerbread

Head Beagle Fergus gets a gingerbread lion too. Posted by Steve Pollock on Saturday, December 2, 2017

Beagle. Anal. Glands. Urk.

Beagle. Anal. Glands. If you have/have had a beagle, you probably understand why we’re over the river and through the…

Fergus, Post-Surgery

Taking Fergus home after some surgery to remove a couple of skin tags, his teeth thoroughly cleaned and some testing.

Puppie Hood

From April 2007: While the boys were still living at home with mommy. Ginger occasionally thought they were playthings and

Happy Birthday, Ferga!

Hard to believe, but Fergus Murphey O'Dougal tuned nine years old today. This pic was taken in the summer of

Happy 20th Bayley Murphey!

Hard to believe today is Bayley Murphey Beagle’s 20th birthday. Such a wonderful part of our lives for over 12

Anniversary of Bittersweet Proportions

Aug. 20 is always bittersweet now; not only is it Bayley’s birthday, but we also lost Fred on this day

Four Years On

Four years ago this afternoon, we lost our beloved Bayley Murphey Beagle. It still hurts and I cried. We miss

New Pics on Flickr!

Finally posted some «new pics on Flickr» of the boys. Whatta buncha beagles!

Nothing to See Here

News in this neck of the woods is pretty mundane: More beagle escapes (fifth, I think), necessitating the expenditure and

New Pics on Flickr!

Finally posted some «new pics on Flickr» of the boys. Whatta buncha beagles! | Read more »

Future Beagles

It’s been just over a week since Bayley left us. My heart still aches, but I’m pretty resigned. Dogs get

Farewell, Pookus.

Bayley Murphey Beagle 20-Aug-1994 — 2-Mar-2007 Dear Bayley Murphey, Thank you for being such a wonderful and good dog, a

First Day of Spring

It was a little chilly and blustery, but not bad. The best part was all the bright sunshine, which came

Christmas Day 2003

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