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The Vet, Again.

Mr. Goose is on his way to a nail trim and latest shots. He’s always up for a ride. Meanwhile,

Goose's Most Favoritist Thing in the World

Goose loves when the sun goes down, because it makes great reflections off the phone, which is his MOST. FAVORITIST.

I Could But I Won't.

“You do know I can jump over there and grab that cheddar at any moment, don’t you? But I am

Goose and His Elefunk

Some sun!!!! Goose and his Elefunk take advantage of rare sight in Music City: Light. He’s forgotten what it is,

Goose Gets Some Gingerbread

Prince Goose is Loose gets a gingerbread lion. Posted by Steve Pollock on Saturday, December 2, 2017

The Clown Prince Gets Clipped

His Royal Clown Prince #GooseIsLoose was tricked by the knave/varlet into a nail trim this afternoon. Other than being… Posted

Overwhelmed at the Waltz

Goose was overwhelmed by all the hounds at the Basset Waltz and needed lots of lap time and reassurance. But


Meanwhile, The Clown Prince is in a meditative mood on the way to the Basset Waltz. Look out, for #GooseIsLoose

He's Got Bette Davis Eyes

Something tells me I'm no longer bestus buds with The Goose after I dumped him in the tub for his

Debris Trail

Like any good EF-5 tornado, Goosie leaves a respectable debris trail whenever he devastates a toy in his path. Posted

How Goose Rolls

"Yes, I ripped up my bed before sleepy time. It's much improved. I don't care you just ran Closet Monster

Goosey Video Goodness

Posted by Steve Pollock on Friday, April 29, 2016

Nasty Cow

His Imperial Majesty #IAmTheRoux shares his Nasty Cow, a possession prized as much as an egg by M. Faberge', with

Got Yer Back, Man

Goose: "Got your back, bud." Roux: "Thanks, man. That stupid cat could be back any minute." Bosom buddies, masters of

Goosey Choices

Exhibit A: On the left, a specially designed combo dog toy, with rope tug and BPA-free chewing knobs, locally sourced,…


Posted by Steve Pollock on Saturday, April 2, 2016

Protecting the Manse

Posted by Steve Pollock on Thursday, March 31, 2016

Battling Bumblebeeism

And what was His Imperial Majesty Prince #IAmTheRoux doing after Sir Goose battled the forces of bumblebee-ism? Clearly,… Posted by

Royal Wariness

Sir Goose is hanging out on the rear terrace of the Manse, keeping a watchful eye as Queen Sascha takes

In Flight

We figured out how #TheGoose got his name: On the left is the white marking on his back near his

Mr. Personality

Starting to be comfortable, settled in and safe, Goose is showing his personality here on day three. Yes, that's a…

Fitting In

Sir Goose is fitting right in at Castle Saddlebrooke. Here, he is joining the skirmish line along the defensive… Posted

Sleepy Easter

On a rainy, cool, early Spring, Easter Sunday afternoon, the absolute best thing to do is to #BeLikeTheGoose and sleep.

Big Voice

Goose arriyed here at his forever home at around 2:30 this afternoon. His wonderful transport man, who brought him from


Shhhhhh! Goosey needs a big nap before he meets the Howling Hounds of Hermitage … Posted by Steve Pollock on Saturday,

Meet the Goose

Please meet the latest addition to Hound House Saddlebrooke: Ladies and Gentlemen, we present Goose the Great, the… Posted by