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Bayley Murphey Beagle

Another Anniversary

It’s been TWELVE (12)!!! years??! Holy cow. In spite of all the special dogs (Feargal, Fergus, Fred, Roux, Sascha, Bosco,

His Majesty Objects

“After some interminably loud defending the walls of the castle, HIM the Roux comes inside and complains for 15 minutes to us churls about Townes very existence in the Royal Orbit. Part of the Complaint revolves around the undisputed Treasonous Conduct of us churls in Divers Huggings and Walkings and Flauntings of the Dangerous Interloper …” | Read more after the jump …

Photo of the Logo of Dean Allen's Textism

Dean Allen, RIP (Jan. 2018)

Because so much has been messed up and unstuck during the first half of this god-awful year, I just discovered

Latest Bad News: Sascha

Did you ever have one of “those” years? For me, 1993 was my, as the Queen said, “annus horribilus.” But

Curses! Drugged Again!

Posted by Steve Pollock on Tuesday, May 15, 2018

His Royal Snit Fit

Portrait: His Imperial Majesty The Roux throws the Royal Snit Fit, leading His Court in vocal protests against All This

The Vet, Again.

Mr. Goose is on his way to a nail trim and latest shots. He’s always up for a ride. Meanwhile,

Goose's Most Favoritist Thing in the World

Goose loves when the sun goes down, because it makes great reflections off the phone, which is his MOST. FAVORITIST.

Bosco Comes Home

Bosco came home today. He now takes his place next to Bayley, Feargal and Fred. Thanks again to Lap of

I Could But I Won't.

“You do know I can jump over there and grab that cheddar at any moment, don’t you? But I am

Sascha Says Goodbye to Bosco

She was not very willing (a little freaked out, I think—she knew things were not right), but I did get

Memories of Bosco, Part 2

Here is a series of pics of Bosco (and Sascha) from the moment we first saw them in October 2015

Memories of Bosco, Part 2

Here is a series of pics of Bosco (and Sascha) from the moment we first saw them in October 2015

Memories of Bosco, Part 1

Some pics of a happy/sleepy Bosco. Always such a happy boy, until that last night. Farewell, Boscketty. Lordy do we

Farewell, Boscketty Bagel.

Our beloved Bosco is calling time and can now see the Rainbow Bridge and the finish line of a life

We Want Dinner!

What happens when Unca Frankie goes to the store without first serving dinner to the Royal Family. (Kinda funny/sad at

Sascha and Bosco Asleep

Bosco snoozing up next to his sister before his nail trim. Things have taken a turn and not towards the

A Dressing Down

The Royal Photographer churl just got told off (and HOW!!) big time, so I snapped a quick one and ran.

Yawny Fergus

Fergus Beagle avoids the camera studiously, so I snuck up on him and caught him mid-yawn. Incredibly, he turns 11

Sleepy Bosco

Bosco likes to sleep facing the wall, sun not required. (He’s hanging tough; while the osteosarcoma has spread from… Posted

Elegant Queen Sascha

The ever-elegant Queen Sascha likes the sun as well. Posted by Steve Pollock on Monday, February 26, 2018

Goose and His Elefunk

Some sun!!!! Goose and his Elefunk take advantage of rare sight in Music City: Light. He’s forgotten what it is,

Simon Invades

His Imperial Majesty registers Royal Displeasure over an infiltration into the Kingdom by an insolent guerilla fighter from the K.A.T.

I've Got This, Thanks.

"I'll take care of this, thank you very much!" Posted by Steve Pollock on Friday, February 23, 2018

Off for a Checkup

Bosco, on the way for a consult and nail trim. Blue Oasis of Mt. Juliet is a wonderful place. (Sorry

Cuddled Up

Bosco is cuddled up against his sister. He’s breakkn’ our hearts. He’s hanging in there tough, but is now having

Shanghai'ed Yet Again

His Majesty has been, yet again, drugged and shanghai’ed off to that den of iniquity, the vet’s office, for an

Bosco is Limping

Bosco started to limp today, indicating a spread of the osteosarcoma to his joint. He also just had a long

Three Hounds

Our beloved Bosco (in the middle between His Majesty the Roux and Queen Sascha) is not feeling good tonight. Feels

Unhand Me, Foul Knave-Churls!

His Majesty is NOT in a mood to be recorded. Rash is gone, ears are better, but not quite there

Dragged Off to Hell

His Majesty is trying to magically blink away this followup vet visit, a la “I Dream of Jeannie” It’s not

Sascha's Going Into Traction

Two days, two vet visits. Sascha, Queen of Our Hearts, seems to be steadily losing the use of her back

I Must Protest This Assault Upon Our Person

“I must protest this assault upon Our Imperial and Royal Person! We have been captured and drugged –DRUGGED, We tell…

I'm Ignoring You. You Know What You Did.

His Majesty The Roux won’t deign to even look at me because of the whole Major we are not amused

Bosco Has Gingerbread

Beloved Bosco gets a gingerbread bear. (He seems to feel fine; I just woke him up for his treat. I

Fergus Gets Gingerbread

Head Beagle Fergus gets a gingerbread lion too. Posted by Steve Pollock on Saturday, December 2, 2017

Goose Gets Some Gingerbread

Prince Goose is Loose gets a gingerbread lion. Posted by Steve Pollock on Saturday, December 2, 2017

Sascha Gets Some Gingerbread

Queen Sascha gets a gingerbread elefunk. Posted by Steve Pollock on Saturday, December 2, 2017

The Bribes Arrived

The aforementioned bribe came today … in gingerbread and pumpkin. His Majesty is … miffed but mollified. Posted by Steve

We Are Not Amused.

A confession from the Churl: His Majesty is throwing his snit fit not about the tree, but because I had

Ebeneezer Basset Scrooge

His Imperial Majesty The Roux wishes it known that you can take your monstrous Christmas tree, which is blocking His…

Beagle. Anal. Glands. Urk.

Beagle. Anal. Glands. If you have/have had a beagle, you probably understand why we’re over the river and through the…

Tessa: Turkey Bird Good!

Shhhhhh. Turkey bird good. Don’t tell Mummy! Posted by Steve Pollock on Thursday, November 23, 2017

Say Your Prayers

My girlfriend Tessa is staying a week with us while her mommy Carol Miller Stewart is up nawth havin' Thanksgiving


The demesne was invaded by a legion of one squirrel today, who made a mess in the driveway with, I

Bad News

Just found out our court jester Bosco has a large, fast-growing osteosarcoma, which engulfed three ribs and is probably… Posted

You're Home!

Posted by Steve Pollock on Wednesday, June 28, 2017

The Distribution of the Fries

The distribution of the leftover fries. The Hounds have Unca Frankie surrounded. (Clockwise from top: Fergus, Goose,… Posted by Steve

Make with the Fries, Churl!

"Churl! You better make with the fries or I'm gonna wreck this kitchen!" His Majesty #IAmTheRoux demands the remains of

His Majesty's Crush

We have de'tente! His Majesty is deigning to take a nap next to Princess Tessa, who is at the Manse