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Strait-Jacket 1964

Movie Night: Strait Jacket

“The bonuses here are George Kennedy as a farmhand foreshadowing by 22 years Billy Bob Thornton in 1996’s Swing Blade (“I like them French fried potaters.”), all the Pepsi placement, and Lee Majors in pre-Six Million Dollar Man mode, along with his very hairy chest, fluffily rising and falling just before the axe falls.”

Thieves Highway

Movie Night: Thieves’ Highway

“Thieves’ Highway is a classic Noir tale of truckers and apples and greed and sex and San Francisco and California and highways and death.”

Hot Millions

Movie Night: Hot Millions

“There’s a lot more than just smiles to recommend this one–ts droll English humor, its glimpse at fashions and designs and trends of 1968, the fantastic acting of everyone, including the performance of Bob Newhart, whose movie outings are often forgotten, the sarcastic wit and the satire–it’s a long list and will need a second viewing to get it all.”

Party Like It's 1999

Posted by Steve Pollock on Monday, February 8, 2016

Add One More to the Pile

This evening’s mail brought, finally, an official copy of our California marriage certificate, which is one of only 18,000 gender-neutral,

East Bound and Down

One week from tonight, we will have begun our journey out of California … for the third, and hopefully last,


This pic pretty much tells you everything you need to know about the weather this week. It actually got hotter

Rarin' to Go

Gavin Newsom, the man who presided over our first civil union ceremony when he was still a San Francisco supervisor,

Happy New Year

As the sun sets on what was a truly nasty year for us, we wish you a much more wonderful

Merry Christmas 2007

Merry Christmas from our house to yours!          

Rock and Roll

Just felt my … fourth (? yeah, fourth) … California earthquake. «A 5.6 which was reportedly on the Calaveras Fault

Fresh Start

The principal called this morning as I was getting ready for yet another doctor’s appointment and asked if I were

About My Disgust …

Since we moved to Brentwood just last 24-Jul (was it just 10 short months ago?!), the following has happened, in


There comes, in pretty much every town I’ve lived in, an extended moment, usually early on, where I truly detest

Life in Brentwood. Yes, Indeedy.

I started a new teaching assignment last week: 60 sixth graders in two classes. They’re an energetic, fun, and talented

Contrails in the Moonlight

While soaking my weary joints in the hot tub tonight, there was a beautiful, round full moon directly overhead. As

Orion, Warrior of the Night

The clear, cold night sky above, a hot tub sending clouds of steam up into it, warrior Orion guarding all


Currently in Brentwood:

About the Banner

That photo in the previous banner was of the temperature reading on the Jeep as we entered Brentwood. It was

It's Hell Being Offline

Posting and pictures have been temporarily disrupted because internet service hasn’t started at the new house. I’ll have things to

Supercomputer Flash Mob

A gigaflop flash mob at the University of San Francisco’s Koret Gym yesterday. My time in 503 has demonstrated that

Traffic Nightmare

I get homesick for the Bay Area every now and then, but not on days like this: Officials are continuing

Your Travel Guide to Baghdad-By-The-Bay (2002)

‘I sat in the Delhi airport and watched the big electric clock in the departure hall that tells passengers when