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Beautiful Guy of the Month — Sexy September

Guy Pic of the Month for September 2018

I Have a Brain!

The whole Minnesota experience was mostly Minnesota Nice, always efficient and highly effective. It was also at times…

Posted by Steve Pollock on Monday, February 15, 2016

Good Luck.

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Tippi and Melanie


Tippi Hedren and her daughter Melanie Griffith

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School Closures Hit Disproportionately

The Color of School Closures

Spread the [rather obvious] word:

“Mass school closings have become a hallmark of today’s dominant education policy agenda. But rather than helping students, these closures disrupt whole communities. And as U.S. Department of Education data suggests, the most recent rounds of mass closings in Chicago, New York City and Philadelphia disproportionately hurt Black and low-income students.”

From the National Opportunity to Learn Campaign.

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Pope Been-a-Nazi

Germany 1980

“Hehehehe. We sure did beat the crap outta you Poles.”

“Hehehehe. Yeah, ya sure did. … Hey, wanna be Pope?”

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Dougal for Pope

Dougal for Pope. If there is any justice (or any god in the heavens), let it be Dougal. #FatherTed

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WoW Monkey Business

Arcanthus Scolds His Darkmoon Monkey for Being a Very Bad Monkey on the Faire’s Boardwalk. That was one pissed-off gnome.

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Floating Turtle of WoW

How could no one on Azeroth know this thing was floating around for over a 1,000 years?

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If only our beagles were that talented …

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