Over the last week or so, we’ve finally been getting slammed by comment spam, the scourge of Movable Type-powered ‘blogs, that we’ve been hearing about. We had been lucky so far, but it got so bad today that I had to install a copy of Jay Allen’s MT Blacklist plug-in, which is a powerful tool which should reduce comment spamming until MT releases version 3.0 shortly.

Couple of things: If you’re having trouble posting a comment, please e-mail me and I’ll see what I can do. It should be working fine with no problems.

Second, when MT 3.0 comes out, I will probably take advantage of its comment registration function, which will require anyone wishing to post comments to register with at least once. This should stop the nasty pharma peddlers from Rumania and Bulgaria in their tracks. I know it’ll be kind of a pain the first time, and to our regular commenters, we apologize. But, I’m afraid, it’s become all too necessary.
Back to the kvetching …