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The Bones are Richard’s

It’s Richard Researchers in England confirmed this morning that the skeleton found underneath a Leicester car park is indeed that


Shazam! Gaaaaa-uhhhhh-lllleeeeeee!!!!! (But thanks for coming in out of the cold, finally!) As Seen On

Academic Paywall Monetization Kills

The political consequences of academic paywalls “The suicide of Aaron Swartz, the activist committed to making scholarly research accessible to

Opt. Out.

Opt Out! Opt out of high stakes testing and resist all “market-based reforms” that seek to privatize and destroy public

Jayne Cortez, RiP

Jayne Cortez: 10-May-34 — 28-Dec-12 “The poet Jayne Cortez, who has died aged 78, was unambiguous about her craft: “Words

How Many Slaves Work for You?

How Many Slaves Work For You? My number was 43 … If anything, it shows that not much has changed

HMS Clueless

The Voyage of the HMS Clueless Truly sailing in a world created of their own delusions. But I wish New