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Screaming Woman



A Cry in the Night, US 1956, From the Ronald Grant Archive. Photo by Mary Evans/Ronald Grant/Everett Collection

Movie Night: A Cry in the Night

“Whatever the novelty of seeing goodie two-shoes Perry Mason as a Peeping Tom/Kidnapper, it’s Carol Veazie who is the standout.”

#MeToo sign

Same Here

There’s this thing that has been closely guarded for going on 40 years in 2018. It’s my secret. So as it hits its 40th birthday in our new year, I decided it’s time to tell the world.

'Baptized in Blood'

I’m not sure why I’ve been leaning towards supporting John Edwards this primary season. Perhaps its his populism and anti-corporatism


A very moving, and very sad, slideshow of the «Benazir Bhutto assassination» has been posted at the New York Times.

The Beast's 50 Most Loathsome

The only end-of-the-year list I ever pay any attention to (and agree completely with) is the list of the 50

Farewell, Sweet Molly

Since I wasn’t posting during the last few months, I missed noting the saddest day of the year, which made

Lost in 2005

There were some remarkable people who left us in 2005: ‘When morality comes up against profit, it is seldom profit

Lost in '05: Hunter S. Thompson

The year that was: « Goodbye Hunter S. Thompson »: ‘‘Politics is the art of controlling your environment.’ That is one of

Asi es Nuevo Mexico

Stuff like « this » makes me wonder if my desire to return to my home state is really all that wise

Courage and Conviction vs. Cowardice and Coercion

“Rabbi Yoffie! You’re my new hero!” We need more courageous heroes like « Rabbi Eric Yoffie » to speak more truth to

Paradox? Or Hypocrisy?

“Jesus, save us from your followers!” I’ve been meaning to blog this for weeks, to read it into the record,

Just Married

Thank you, Canada! And thank you Neil Hodgins and all our wonderful friends! Pics are up: « The Wedding » « The Reception »

City Beneath the Sea

I’m melancholy tonight, listening to « Harry Connick Jr.‘s » Way Down Yonder in New Orleans, Do You Know What It Means

Approval from Jerry Falwell

Gosh. I feel so … honored. « Jerry Falwell now approves of me getting my master’s in elementary education », as long,

We Are All Londoners

Just as on 11-Marzo, we were all Madrileños and on 11-September we were all New Yorkers, as of 7-July we

The Intelligently Designed Four

So. « Ayn Clouter writes movie script treatments ». Who knew? ‘What is really needed to refresh the medium is to bring

Next Up: They Dig Up the Body and Re-Enact the Resurrection

Undaunted by the « autopsy », Terri ‘Schiavo’s brain damage “was irreversible … no amount of treatment or rehabilitation would have reversed”

On Memorial Day

On Memorial Day, I always think back to 1989, when as a newspaper reporter, I was privileged to meet a

Holding Down the Home Front

Wives Cope With Husband’s Memories (Part II of the Wake Island Story) By Steve Pollock The Duncan (OK) Banner Sunday,

Remembering Kent State

Author Philip Caputo had an interesting interview with Fresh Air’s Terry Gross that I caught the other day at lunch.

V-E Day Video

Here on the 60th anniversary of VE Day, I’m watching two films, Leni Riefenstahl’s Triumph des Willens and the Criterion

Church Purge Confirmed

And now there’s confirmation in the mainstream press about a « North Carolina church’s purge of Democrats »: ‘Some in Pastor Chan

Democrats Purged From North Carolina Church

« WLOS », an ABC affiliate in western North Carolina, is reporting interesting news: ‘Religion and Politics Clash: Religion and politics clash

Soulforce for Good

Every once in a while, there’s a ray of sunshiney hope that pierces the gathering gloom that is life in

Heil Benedict!

So, a few days after the 60th anniversary of the liberation of Konzentrationslagers Ravensbrueck and Buchenwald, and on the anniversary

Deathbed Dollars

While we’re all a bit tired of poor Terri Schiavo (let her rest in peace), I say we keep screaming

Duly Noted

According to World Health Organization figures, on the same day that Terri Schiavo died and so-called Christians mourned her so-called

RIP Teresa Wright

Truly terrible and depressing news: one of my all-time favorite actresses, « Teresa Wright, passed away Sunday »: ’« Teresa Wright », the willowy

Air Jesus Drops Bombs on Tolerance

Media Transparency has a fascinating, interesting and ultimately pretty frightening expos´ posted — « Air Jesus: The Evangelical Air Force »: ‘For

The ONE Campaign

New on the blogroll: « The ONE Campaign »: ‘The ONE Campaign is a new effort to rally Americans to fight the

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Eric Blair, Laughing His Ass Off in His Grave

Yeesh. I go away for awhile and come back just in time to read « the most hypocritical, outrageous lies ever

Blows Keep Falling

Sad news tonight: Following the deaths of « Arthur Miller », « Sandra Dee » and « John Raitt » comes the biggest blow: « Hunter S.

Spongedob Stickypants Strikes North

Not content to run roughshod within the Empire, « jack-booted Fascist FunDumbMentalists are mounting a hard-core press to export hatred and

RIP Shirley Chisholm and Robert Matsui

The bad news continues to pour in as the Republic lay dying: « Shirley Chisholm passes at age 80 »: ‘Chisholm, who

Northwest 33, Service From Amsterdam to … Hell!

The airline industry’s … further descent into anarchy, let’s say … continued this week. This time, a « 28-hour ordeal on

On the Casualty Lists

I don’t have a content management system for, which is where I keep a tally of those sacrificed to

Same Old Story

« As news comes along that the first of several repressive anti-gay-family state amendments are already bearing fruit for the

Compare/Contrast Time

As seen on « Daily Kos »: What was on John F. Kerry’s chest: What was on the Boy Emperor’s

The Rock on Which It Was Built

From The Reformation by Diarmaid MacCulloch: ‘They had no chance of knowing the strange tangled history of the Christian Church:

Up to Speed

Bought a cheap little odometer for the Bobcat that works really well and was easy to install. Nothing fancy or

Northwest Threatens Employees

‘Northwest Airlines is threatening to discipline, and possibly fire, union employees if they proceed with picketing that questions the safety

Like the New Spiffiness?

So how do you like our new clothes? Much better, I hope. Here are some notes about the new design/location:

66 For The Gipper

He’s gone; I’m sorry I voted for him, but admire his commitment to public service; my extreme sympathies to Nancy


‘The first sight I got of the beach, I was looking through a sort of slit up there, and it

Save Us, Jesus, From Your Followers

Finally, some religious leaders state the obvious … the Boy Emperor has little moral authority in spite of waving bleedin’

Murder in the Cathedral

As has been written lately, in the 1960 Presidential election, JFK had to prove that he wouldn’t take orders from