36 Hours

36 hours from now, my cholocystectomy should be finished and I should be floating on a cloud of anesthetic and pain killer. Can’t happen soon enough for me. There’s a 10-mm stone in there and I’ve been on a fat-free diet for two months. I’ll keep most of the diet, but hopefully lose all the nausea and occasional pain I’ve been experiencing.

Laparascopic surgery is a wonderful invention. I remember my aunt having this surgery back in the 1970s; she was in the hospital for two weeks. I should be back home by nightfall, as long as the good folks at «John Muir Concord» and my surgeon, «Dr. Mary Cardoza», do things up right.

Usually, this kind of thing would bother me, but I’m ready to get going. No real anxieties or concerns.

We’re still waiting on insurance approval for my trip to the Mayo Clinic. More on that later.

Scheduling Nightmare

Next term doesn’t begin for almost five months but registration is already under way. I’ve registered for most of my classes already, but nobody has been able to explain why SI has decided that it’s not a problem to have at least three (if not more) high-demand courses scheduled on the same day (Thursday) and in some cases in the exact same time slot. As a result, two courses I really need to take are both at the same time, and there’s nothing I can do except decide which of the courses is more important (or more expendable). It’s not as though I’m choosing between a necessary class and an elective, either; both are “highly recommended” LIS courses. It’s absolutely ridiculous.