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Oh Frabjous Day!

It’s official!!! Frank opens the door for the first time on the first house he/we have ever owned! “Oh frabjous

Happy 52nd!

“It burns! It burns!” Happy birthday to the better half! (Those candles were throwing off sparks which you can barely…

The Distribution of the Fries

The distribution of the leftover fries. The Hounds have Unca Frankie surrounded. (Clockwise from top: Fergus, Goose,… Posted by Steve

Overwhelmed at the Waltz

Goose was overwhelmed by all the hounds at the Basset Waltz and needed lots of lap time and reassurance. But

Ancient History

Facebook wants to know what were we doing 15 years ago? Let's see … I remember … besides Frank Lester

Tennessee Spring

I’m a little nervous about stormy weather here in Middle Tennessee, because this is, of course, tornado country. But nonetheless,

Cuban Librarians

Last March and April, 79 dissidents in Cuba were rounded up and tried on charges of treason for conspiring with