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American Civil War Casus Belli: African Negro Slavery.

Let’s be clear: The war was about slavery, from first to last. And after the gun stopped firing, the war continued in multiple ways that all-too-often includes violence and murder.

US Flag Upside Down-Republic in Distress

The Indictment

“Senate Republicans are setting a dangerous precedent that threatens the republic itself. I’m not naive enough to think they would hold Democratic presidents to the low standard they’ve applied to Trump, but all future presidents will be able to point to Trump to justify …”

The Guardian's Ben Jennings on Donald Trump and the San Diego synagogue shooting

On Crime and Punishment This Fourth of July

“It’s well worth a challenging read-and-think on everyone’s part at this particular moment in the country and society.”

Terror Clown

Paranoia, Fear, Terror and Facebook, et al.

“Insane levels of fear and control and succumbing to terror. We are a nation which is perhaps the most fearful of all countries.”

Ausrufung Republik: Philipp Scheidemann proclaims the Republik, 9 November 1918

9 November: Schicksalstag

In the next few days, there will be much remembrance of the events of 100 years ago—the end of World War I. Not as much in the U.S., where World War I is like the Korean War, a largely forgotten conflict, even though 115,516 Americans died between 1917-1918, along with over 320,000 sickened, most in the influenza epidemic of 1918.

Astronaut on Moon Saluting Flag

Beery Originalist Quotables

Here are a few Original Originalist quotes worth Originally quoting, from a few of our first Original Founders:

The Speed of Events Overtakes Me

“BREAKING: An armed teacher reportedly fired a gun in a school in Dalton, Georgia, police say. No students have been

Girl reading the Bible.

On Shitholes

Every single day is a new low. How low can we go? There is no bottom. So pretty goddamned low. Shithole low.

Roy Moore's Gotterdammerung

“Antonio: ‘Mark you this, Bassanio, The devil can cite Scripture for his purpose. An evil soul producing holy witness Is

They Don’t Like the New ‘America First’ As Much As They Did the Lindbergh Version

So let’s see if I’ve got this. Germany, a country in which there are still many women alive who were raped by invading Russian Red Army soldiers and in which the human products of those rapes are still living, now trust … Russia more than the United States.

Photo of Coke can

Questions. We Got ‘Em.

Why? Because, as reporter Anne Kingston notes, women are “female reproductive vessels” and not human beings. And because Long Dong Silver has always, and will always, get a free pass. And both of these are realities for reasons which surpasseth understanding.

Photo of lots of pills

American Carnage: 3-Dec-17

Nazis are just “the normal people next door” and nothing bad should happen to either them or the New York Times for pointing this out, says The New York Times.

Resuscitate Net Neutrality

Look, give me an early Dec. 14 birthday present and make some calls. To put it bluntly, you ain't gonna

Protesters in the Streets

American Carnage: 17-Nov-17

The Diddler’s Club What we learned this week: • Al Franken is the latest member of the “People Who Diddled

Flames consume everything in their path.

American Carnage: 10-Nov-17

Peckerwoods! What we learned this week: • Comedian Louis CK and Crusading Crazy Ass Roy Moore were accepted into that

Towering Towers

The Own Us

It’s all a sordid mess and they need to be yanked hard.

To the Editor

In which we in the future answer “Letters to the Editor” of the Chicago Tribune written during the past that


Posted by Steve Pollock on Thursday, September 22, 2016

Ignorant and Doomed

Among savages incapable of retaining collectively learned experience, a perpetual infancy results. I can no longer figure out these days

At Least One American Gets It

“America currently has no functioning democracy. ” James Earl Carter, 39th President of the U.S. “Amerika hat derzeit keine funktionierende

I Believe …

“Individual citizens have the duty to violate domestic laws to prevent crimes against peace and humanity.” Edward Snowden “I believe


“Our journey is not complete until our gay brothers and sisters are treated like anyone else under the law –


I was the first registered Republican in my family. I cast my first vote in a presidential election for Ronald

Two Right-Wing Terrorist Murders in Two Weeks

And now two right-wing terrorists have committed two political murders in two weeks. First Dr. Tiller in Wichita, a murder

Post-2000-Election Rant (Dec. 2000)

Original Message From: Doe, John Sent: Friday, December 01, 2000 6:54 AM To: airbeagle Subject: Palm Beach Video Funny, slightly

A Rant on the 2000 Election Season (Nov. 2000)

In the current election season, and following revelations of Shrub’s DUI in Maine, here’s the latest rant. The following is