All Kinds of Michigan Critters

According to the radio, not only are cicadas on the way (though so far the hype has exceeded the reality),

Nature Report

Still no cicadas to speak of. Steve says it’s not been consistently warm enough for them to want to come

Two Untimely Departures

Tony Randall passed on Monday, followed yesterday by Elvin Jones, probably the greatest drummer (never mind greatest “jazz drummer”) who

Weather Aplenty, But …..

More sudden and unpredictable afternoon cloudbursts today, complete with several suitably ominous lightning strikes and thunderclaps. But still no cicadas.

Trivial Unanswerable Question of the Day

No titillating “overheards” from Ambrosia today; just a bunch of employees meeting over cheesecake and listening to their benefits person

UM Museum of Art

Before the dandelion adventure, we paid a brief visit to the University of Michigan Museum of Art. (We were thinking

Reading (Only) What Inspires You

I had this conversation with a friend not too long ago: If you have a ton of books to choose


We went to the downtown area today and did some window shopping. West Side Book Shop was one of our

No to New Library Building in Indiana

Meanwhile, 140 miles away, in Kendallville, IN, a petition is being circulated to stop a proposed $7.9 million library building.

The Neighborhood Park

On Tuesday night, Frisinger Park was jam-packed with cars and trucks and a girls’ softball team and their parents and