All Kinds of Michigan Critters

According to the radio, not only are cicadas on the way (though so far the hype has exceeded the reality),

Nature Report

Still no cicadas to speak of. Steve says it’s not been consistently warm enough for them to want to come

Two Untimely Departures

Tony Randall passed on Monday, followed yesterday by Elvin Jones, probably the greatest drummer (never mind greatest “jazz drummer”) who

Weather Aplenty, But …..

More sudden and unpredictable afternoon cloudbursts today, complete with several suitably ominous lightning strikes and thunderclaps. But still no cicadas.

Trivial Unanswerable Question of the Day

No titillating “overheards” from Ambrosia today; just a bunch of employees meeting over cheesecake and listening to their benefits person

UM Museum of Art

Before the dandelion adventure, we paid a brief visit to the University of Michigan Museum of Art. (We were thinking

Reading (Only) What Inspires You

I had this conversation with a friend not too long ago: If you have a ton of books to choose


We went to the downtown area today and did some window shopping. West Side Book Shop was one of our

No to New Library Building in Indiana

Meanwhile, 140 miles away, in Kendallville, IN, a petition is being circulated to stop a proposed $7.9 million library building.

The Neighborhood Park

On Tuesday night, Frisinger Park was jam-packed with cars and trucks and a girls’ softball team and their parents and


It was virtually impossible for me to sleep last night. The heat is upon us, and it definitely rises to

Also Overheard

In between thoroughly (and devastatingly, I might add) trashing the new Wolfgang Petersen “Troy” movie and bemoaning the scariness of

Cautionary Tale

Yesterday I was riding one of the Hatcher elevators with an undergrad who was helping a co-worker cart some ficuses

Librarians and Value

Three weeks ago, NPR’s Barbara Bradley Hagerty recently did a report on Catholics and John Kerry that has raised some

Etiquette Episodes

A bicyclist and I came to the same narrow passageway in the sidewalk on Maynard in front of Ambrosia and

Local Non-Politics

Speaking of the local election story, the front page article on the subject mentions that Ann Arbor mayor John Hieftje

Scold, Scold, Scold

In today’s Ann Arbor News, there was a huge (why so huge, I don’t know, but it obliterated a far

Here We Go Again

On tonight’s broadcast of The Connection (an NPR-affiliated radio show): Blogs offer a constant rush of political opinion: the gloating,

“Millions …. Hundreds of Millions”

From this morning’s Free Press: Historically, Brood X has sidestepped Wayne, Macomb and most of Oakland counties. They were, however,

Summer Reading

Nancy Pearl was on NPR this morning, recommending older political novels to serve as an antidote to all of those


We’re having regular thunderstorms and thunderstorm forecasts this time of year. Having never experienced thunderstorm season in the Midwest, I

Cicadas and Libraries

It amuses me, I’m not sure why, that there are more articles on the upcoming cicada infestation in the Washington

Intensity Down a Notch

Seems a little lazier, a little more mellow here than last week (well, except for the freeways, but that’s another

Still on the Beat

« Lawrence Ferlinghetti is still beating ‘em »: ’… The first plane to hit the first Twin Tower The last

Out Around Downtown

Downtown was (if possible) more packed today than usual. Must have been the nice weather and lots of out-of-towners. We

A Word from the Proprietors

I don’t think it’s a particularly uncommon thing to want to eat out at a restaurant and (if you’re a

How Do You Get People to Use the Library?

Here’s a familiar one. A newspaper (in this case, the Minneapolis Star-Tribune) interviews a handful of undergrads (in this case,

SFPL Commission Votes to Implement RFIDs

Repetitive stress injury workers’-comp costs as a justification for implementing RFID ….. hmmmmm. That’s a new one on me. I

Library/Google Death Match (Part 2)

As usual, puts it way better (and way more succinctly) than I ever could: Of course, any librarian knows

Old Newspapers to Be Housed at Duke

Nicholson Baker has announced that Duke University Libraries has agreed to house his American Newspaper Repository collection. To make a

Spring Weather

Humidity was fairly high today (now yesterday). I brought a sweater, but the library complex was strangely warmer. It felt

File Under: NextGen

There’s an attention-grabbing Library Journal article about “NextGen” users (born between 1982 and 2002) and their attributes. (Courtesy Creative Librarian.)

Stanford Prison Experiment Revisited

There is a website devoted to the infamous 1971 Stanford Prison Experiment, at which you can view a slide show

Cultural Signposts

“Friends” and “Frasier” are broadcasting their final episodes this week and next, respectively. “Friends” I watched occasionally but never really

Sartorial Dilemma

It’s supposed to be over 80 outdoors today. No problem, right? Well, in the past two weeks or so, the

The Big Tent

According to this account, seven students from Kalamazoo College were banned from entering Bush’s campaign rally at Wings Stadium on


Without going into details, my grades this past term were either as good as or better than I expected. So

Foul Ball

It’s too disgusting to even link to, but Major League DumbBall is putting ads on the freakin’ bases, for cryin’


Today was significantly more crowded around campus than yesterday. Not sure why; was Monday the tail end of a three-day

Iron Lady

The BBC is all atwitter tonight about the 25th anniversary of the accession to power of Margaret Thatcher (or should

Mi Amas Esperanton

My favorite artificial language. [Link courtesy Political Theory Daily.]

Ho Ho Ho

All you can do is laugh (unless you’re kicking yourself for forgetting your gloves): The National Weather Service in Detroit/Pontiac

Poppies and XK8s and Fluffy Bunny Rabbits and …..

My undergrad university’s alumni mag has this article on blogs in its latest issue. Nothing out of the ordinary, that

Alive and Kicking

It was great to hear Loretta Lynn, God bless her, shock and tweak the boring Melissa Block on NPR today

Yet Another List

According to Total Guitar Magazine (via BBC), these are the Top 20 Riffs of All Time: Guns N’Roses “Sweet Child

Um …..

Morrissey at the Apollo????? It’s true. According to a link from Gawker, he’s playing there tonight through Friday. That is

Absolutely, Positively Wrong about Everything under the Sun

Bush was reportedly in Niles, Kalamazoo, and Sterling Heights today on a “bus tour.” His bus has the slogan “America,

Michigan Weather: Never Boring

It’s May 3, but the wind was astonishingly cold and biting this morning, so much so that I regretted leaving

Signs of Change

It was not empty in Ambrosia this afternoon, but it wasn’t packed, either. The atmosphere was more relaxed than it’s

Clearing Out

The town does appear to be clearing out. We took a little drive this afternoon. The area around our neighborhood