Arriving, Late 2013: 'A Threatening Sky'

A Threatening Sky: Braniff 250 and Other Bitter Lessons of the Early Jet Age by Steve Pollock will be published by «McFarland Publishing» in the Christmas 2013/Spring 2014 time frame. McFarland is a quality publisher which produces around 400 books per year for public and academic libraries, as well as Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and electronic vendors. They have been extremely supportive for this project and I am excited to work with them and get this story into print.

While Braniff 250 will be the touchstone of the book and get the most detail/attention, other incidents/accidents will be detailed along the way. Those include Pan American 115 (North Atlantic 1959); Northwest 705 (Miami, 1963); United 764 (O’Neill, NE, 1963); Eastern 304 (New Orleans, 1964); Braniff 250 (Falls City, 1966). In addition, the involvement of Dr. Ted Fujita, creator of the Fujita Scale of Tornado Intensity, will be detailed; he provided key scientific research into the Braniff crash.