"How low can we stoop …?"

‘Today, perhaps more than ever before, we face the task of determining what America truly is. So much of where we find ourselves now shows what we have failed to learn from mistakes of the past. Zealots, whose dream of Imperial America has led us to the brink of moral and economic bankruptcy, continue to spin the plates and deny reality. Stuck in Iraq, American kids in uniform have become our version of Israel’s “facts on the ground.”’

Just call him «Mike»:

‘With these brave fighting men and women in place, the architects of disaster refuse to admit any error. People must “support the troops,” they insist, and forget that the reason for their going was a lie, forget that the loss of lives, the loss of limbs, the loss of minds, and the monumental destruction is completely unnecessary. Of course we should support the troops — by getting them the hell out of there.
‘The results we’re told to celebrate could have been achieved at a fraction of the cost, human and economic, if our leaders had the courage to respect the law. Instead, truth has become lie, and lie truth. Echoing El Salvador’s General Jose Guillermo Garcia’s villainous claim that “all peasants are potential subversives,” today’s young soldiers are told that “all Arabs are potential insurgents.” In Fallujah, Haditha, Baghdad, and elsewhere, our young again destroy the village in order to save it, while the Pentagon prepares the “Salvador Option,” sending death squads to destroy selected targets. How low can we stoop and remain America?’

Amen, Beej!