Orion, Warrior of the Night

The clear, cold night sky above, a hot tub sending clouds of steam up into it, warrior Orion guarding all below. A late fall night in California.

The hot tub is one of about only three places where I get relief these days (the other two being the jacuzzi tub in the bathroom and the bed while I sleep). I try to get into it 3-4 nights a week.

I will always associate Orion with California winters. Every time I’m out at night, giving Bayley his nighty-night walkies or, like tonight, hot-tubbing it, Orion is always there.

Tonight, his side is pierced by a long shaft of light from a searchlight a couple of miles to the southeast of us on Brentwood Boulevard. I don’t know why anyone down there is advertising anything at this time of night; the town seems to shut down at 9 p.m. and about the only thing along that stretch of road is the new police station. But it’s been there the last few nights, always piercing Orion’s side. It’s hacking me off.

But thank god for hot tubs. And winter skies. And guardian Orion.