Farewell, Ann Arbor!

This is the last post on ASquared AirBeagle. And my last blog post from Ann Arbor.

Beginning Tuesday night, we become BSquared AirBeagle, the BSquared meaning Brentwood Beagle. The beagle and I will leave Ann Arbor Tuesday morning and drive to Davenport, IA, our first stop. On Sunday, the whole family gets reunited when we meet up with Unca Frankie in Sacramento. The beagle will be so happy. As will I. It seems like this two months of separation has been an eternity, and I can’t wait to be together with Frank again.

This would be a good place and time to sum up my three years in Ann Arbor. But … I’m too tired, too brain-fried. It’s been an incredibly hectic year and in the space of a few very short weeks, I will have gone from being a grad student in Michigan to being a middle school teacher in California. The pace of this summer is like none before it; I’ve never experienced such a headlong rush of a period of time in my life.

I’ll miss certain aspects of Ann Arbor. Others, not so much … chiefly, the way people drive and the abysmally dreary weather. There’s something else I won’t miss, but my momma taught me to be more polite than that, so I’ll keep it to myself. Oh, yeah, and Michigan left turns, which are really right-left-left turns.

I’ll think more about it after the move is underway. The movers arrive here in just about six or seven hours, then I have some cleaning/disposal to do, then a farewell party with friends. Tuesday morning, it’s on the road again and I’ll try to think of pithy things to write about our three years in Ann Arbor.

I can’t believe it’s over. So long, ASquared! And thanks!

I’ll post again Tuesday night from Iowa. Y’all take care!