Life in Jebby Land

« Just another day in Florida »:

‘A mobile home belonging to a gay couple was torched and an offensive epithet was spray-painted on the front steps, authorities said. Paul Day, 25, and Christopher Robertson, 23, returned home from errands Monday to find their house in Kings Manor Mobile Home Park in Lakeland burned and the words “Die Fag” spray-painted on the front steps. The case is being investigated as an arson with burglary, Lakeland Fire Department spokeswoman Cheryl Edwards said. But officials remain tightlipped about whether it was being investigated as a hate crime, which would allow for enhanced criminal penalties.’

Maybe if Jebby Bush’s Florida really was based on Biblical law, they could invoke an eye-for-an-eye and torch the arsonists … Nah. Biblical American law works in only one direction, and it’s not the one us fags are travelling.