Death. Warmed Over. In the Mirror.

Lordy, I’m tired. I just finished a week of full days of subbing, including two days with my favorite autistic kids. I’m also dealing with the increasingly … awful effect of the chemotherapy drug the docs in their infinite wisdom have decided will help my arthritis (the story is just too long and exhausting and complicated to repeat here). I’ve always had a problem with fatigue and now that problem has been multiplied by 10. I’ve been taking the pills on Monday nights and by Wednesday I am so beyond exhausted I can barely lift my head. More on all that later.

If I owe you an e-mail or something, dear readers, I’m not ignoring you or being a jerk, I’m just barely functioning. There is light at the end of the tunnel, however brief; my substitute teaching is winding down and I’ll get some rest and some things done before grad school starts 28-June. So forgive me. I’ll get caught up soon …

Oh. And I certainly have some choice things to say about the latest Imperial higgledy-piggledy-ness. Choice, I say.