Send in the Troops

Now, let’s see. The murderer of 100,000+ Iraqis and 1,600+ American troops and 140+ Texas inmates wants to save this brain-damaged vegetable lady … no, that can’t be right. Ummmm, how ‘bout: the man who signed a Texas law giving hospitals the okay to kill terminally ill patients who can’t afford their services wants to promote a ‘Culture of Life’ … hmmm, that doesn’t sound right, either. How ‘bout … the people who voted to slash and burn Medicaid funding which pays for such things as feeding tubes for persistent vegetative state people are about to have an apopleptic fit that one of the patients they screwed is about to die. Er, no. Yeah. The regime which has now committed more homicides of prisoners of war in just two years than the North Vietnamese did in over 13 is calling Michael Schiavo a murderer. Can that be the way it is?

Gee, it’s easy to get all confused by the current higgledy-piggledy-ness. Does somebody have a scorecard so I can keep track of the flip-flopping here? I mean, we’ve moved way beyond hypocrisy here, into something that is simply inconceivable by my poor little brain.

After all, I see tonight that none other than « Pat Buchanan » wants the Emperor to send in the Federales to ‘rescue’ Mrs. Schiavo (and be careful clicking on the link; it’s a transcript of a recent session of one of the many vacuous cable teewee stinkfests, this one known as Hardball [snicker, guffaw].):

PAT BUCHANAN: What George Bush ought to do right now is send federal marshals in and pick up Terri Schiavo and put that breathing tube back into her—excuse me, the food and hydration tube back into her, as this is taken up to the United States Supreme Court. He took an oath, Chris, to defend the Constitution of the United States. He has got an obligation, as well as these judges do, to defend that Constitution. And that means to protect this woman‘s life.

MATTHEWS: What happened to the 10th Amendment?

BUCHANAN: Look, the 10th Amendment has been dead as a door nail, Chris.’

Finally, one of the Fascists owns up to reality. (By the way, Fascist News Network’s John Gibson is calling for Jeb Bush to send in state troopers to force feed the poor woman. I’m sensing a trend in tonight’s Fascist Party Talking Points memo.)

Oh well. At least it conforms to #11 on the list of Elements of Fascism: ‘Abandonment of any consistent ideology in a drive for state power.’

As for Buchanan’s statement, well, he’s right. Much of the Constitution no longer is operational. I personally don’t think that we need to keep up the pretense any longer that this is a Constitutional Republic. Call it like it is and be done with it. The only question now is how do we slide through like Teflon and avoid poor Winston’s fate in 1984?