Intermittent Outages and Other Notes

Thanks to quite a few problems, some internal and some external, the folks over at « TextDrive », which is where all the AirBeagle sites reside, have had some problems the last couple of weeks.

So if you’ve been getting a series of errors while trying to access any part of AirBeagle, you can blame, mostly, the evil, dirty, smelly, rat bastard comment and e-mail spammers who flood servers with their foul stench and cause pain to website owners and, especially, techno-geeks at webhosting providers.

The other problem has been those techno-geeks; they did a very special offer for lifetime hosting for $400 and don’t seem to have been very prepared for the rush of new orders that they got. They’ve been overwhelmed, victims of their own success.

However, response time seems to be better this evening and the ‘internal errors’ seem to have stopped, so maybe we’re rounding a corner.

Unfortunately, individual entries don’t seem to be working right, nor do categories. I’m trying to figure out what’s going on there. You can still live comments via the popup windows.

And part of the mess is of my own making; I’m moving all sections and folding and into It may be a week or two, but we’ll get back to normal soon.

Thanks for hanging in there with us.