100 Things About AirBeagle

1. I was born in Roswell, NM, almost 20 years to the day after John Denver. Yes, THAT Roswell. No alien jokes necessary – I’ve heard ‘em all.

2. I am a Sagitarrius, but think it’s all mostly a buncha harmless hooey.

3. I was baptized in the Church of the Nazarene.

4. I spent several years in a church loosely affiliated with the Assemblies of God.

5. Which explains why I am now very much against organized religion.

6. My number one pet peeve is hypocrisy.

7. The cities I have lived in are Roswell; Clovis, NM; Duncan, OK; Plano, TX; Dallas, TX; Pleasant Hill, CA; Highlands Ranch, CO; San Francisco, CA; and Ann Arbor, MI

8. I moved 14 times between 1994-98, mostly to different apartments around the north Dallas area.

9. My favorite cities in the world are Berlin, Germany, and Venice, Italy.

10. My least favorite city in the world is London, England.

11. I have much trouble understanding my native language as it is spoken in its native land.

12. I love the countryside between Cracow and Oswiecim, Poland.

13. I love to travel, especially by plane or on long road trips.

14. I have visited 31 of the 50 United States.

15. I have flown over 8 of the remaining 19.

16. I can’t wait to visit Vermont and hope to live there someday.

17. I have been to six foreign countries: England, France, Germany, Poland, Austria and Italy.

18. I was once yelled at by a London cabbie.

19. I threw an angry ugly American fit at Charles deGaulle airport outside Paris when I didn’t get the seat assignment I was promised.

20. I am deeply ashamed of number 19.

21. I was also deeply ashamed of patronizing Planet Hollywoods, Hard Rock Cafes and Virgin Records stores in Paris, London and Berlin.

22. I wish I could live in Salzburg, Austria.

23. My ancestors on my mother’s side came from Siegen, near Cologne, Germany. Other relatives came from County Coleraine, Ireland, and from England.

24. I am related to both Belle Starr and Black Jack Ketchum. Although my great-great-grandfather was named John W. Booth, I am not apparently actually related to John Wilkes Booth.

25. I used to cry every single day when I was forced to go to school.

26. I became very near-sighted in second grade; my eyes got steadily worse until the deterioration suddenly stopped in 12th grade; I have had the same contact prescription for over 20 years.

27. I rode a helicopter when I was eight and screamed from the time we left the ground ‘til the time we landed.

28. I am afraid of heights, but only in buildings or roller coasters. I love being on top of very high mountains or cliffs.

29. I locked myself out of the house one night wearing nothing at all when I was nine years old.

30. I pretended to be Evel Knievel when I was in elementary school in the early ‘70s and built lots of ramps to jump my bike over.

31. I played the cornet in junior high and high school band. I played it badly.

32. I graduated high school with honors, but college with only a 2.79 gpa. College bored me.

33. My favorite subjects are history and English.

34. My least favorite subjects are math and science.

35. I have a major book fetish, especially European history.

36. My kindergarten class had the privilege to tour the first Boeing 747s ever built before they entered airline service with Pan Am; Boeing engineers gave me a Lifesavers during the tour.

37. I was never in a fight in school and have never hit anyone in anger.

38. I collect commercial airline memorabilia from the golden age, 1930s-1960s.

39. I miss the days of Braniff International’s Easter egg colored airplanes and ‘air-stripping hostesses.’

40. I collect Playmates interactive Simpsons toys.

41. I love ‘South Park,’ but suspect it is full of fascist Republican propaganda.

42. My favorite TV show of all time is ‘Northern Exposure.’

43. I detest reality TV, but am currently completely hooked on BBC’s ‘Changing Rooms.’

44. My favorite guilty pleasure, movie-wise, is ‘Steel Magnolias.’

45. My favorite movie of all time is ‘The Best Years Of Their Lives.’ A close second is ‘An American In Paris.’

46. I am a major Hitchcock fan.

47. I love pretty much any movie made before about 1965.

48. My favorite actresses are Joan Crawford, Katherine Hepburn and Rosalind Russell.

49. My favorite actors are Cary Grant, James Stewart, Gene Kelly and Farley Granger.

50. No other actor or actress (especially those working today) are fit to lick the shoes of Joan, Katherine, Rosalind, Cary, Gene, James or Farley.

51. I once saw Redd Foxx at the Oklahoma City airport. He got angry when we pretended not to know who he was.

52. I once saw Doug McClure at the Dallas-Fort Worth airport. My aunt got his autograph.

53. I saw the cast and crew of ‘Party of Five’ film an episode at my office building in San Francisco.

54. I stood in line at different times to get the autographs of Patricia Nell Warren, author of ‘The Front Runner,’ Armistead Maupin, author of ‘Tales of the City,’ and Jan Karon, author of the ‘Mitford’ series.

55. I am a major fan of Doris Day’s movies and albums; ‘Mr. Tap Toes’ is one of my earliest musical memories.

56. I don’t think Rock Hudson or Montgomery Clift were particularly good looking.

57. But I would have jumped into bed in a heartbeat with Farley Granger or Guy Madison (or both!)

58. I’m attracted to Ben Affleck, but think he’s a bad actor.

59. I would be attracted to Matt Damon, but he reminds me too much of a 12-year-old and that makes me nervous.

60. I enjoy being totally alone much of the time.

61. I have over 425 movies on DVD.

62. I can be a movie Nazi.

63. I know very little about music – just what I like.

64. Britney Spears is my worst nightmare – on so many levels.

65. I cry when reading sentimental books like R.F. Delderfield’s ‘A Horseman Riding By,’ ‘The Green Gauntlet,’ and ‘To Serve Them All My Days.’ This causes great conflict inside me, because I’m an English major and these books aren’t particularly good literature.

66. One of my favorite books is Elleston Trevor’s ‘Bury Him Among Kings.’

67. The worst job I ever had was mopping the floor of the diner in a Woolworth store.

68. The best job I ever had was small town newspaper reporter.

69. I scream at TV news reporters and anchors when the evening news is on.

70. I believe we live in a corporate Fascist police state.

71. I believe the official explanations about 9/11 are … incomplete.

72. I have a potty mouth sometimes, which is ironic because, when I was a kid, cussing made me very angry.

73. I cut my own hair. Sometimes the results leave a little to be desired.

74. My beagle has me wrapped around his paw and is lord and master of the manse.

75. Happiness is a warm beagle.

76. I hate seafood.

77. I barely tolerate oriental food.

78. I love Tex-Mex and Italian.

79. I eat toast every morning for breakfast.

80. Chocolate-coated breakfast cereals are gross, yet I drink chocolate milk every morning.

81. Minor earthquakes are fun.

82. Chasing tornadoes is even more fun.

83. I miss thunderstorms. There aren’t any in San Francisco.

84. The best thing about living in San Francisco is the fog.

85. The worst thing about living in San Francisco is … it’s crowded. We’re wedged in here like rabbits in cages, for god’s sake!

86. I take home the soaps/shampoos from every hotel I visit.

87. Sunshine and deep blue skies depress me.

88. Rainy days make me very, very happy.

89. I hate it when my teeth aren’t brushed.

90. The toilet seat must be down.

91. The toilet paper goes over the roll, not under.

92. I take a shower every morning and a bath every night.

93. 250-threadcount sheets, changed at least three times a week, are the only way to go.

94. I am a night owl and prefer to stay up until at least 3 a.m.

95. However, I also love being up and seeing the dawn.

96. My oldest and dearest friends have been around for over 26 years and are as close as family.

97. Upon my death, I want to be cremated.

98. I doubt the existence of a hereafter.

99. I have never stolen anything from anyone in my life.

100. I can be an accomplished liar, when need arises.