Secret Simon is No Pie Man

An excellent new blog, « Secret Simon », joins the fray; this one is about a ‘happily’ married man who decides he can’t suppress the truth about himself anymore and shares that truth with his wife. And then blogs about it:

‘We will be separating. No two ways around it. Reality has set in. Her two conflicting minds have started to reconcile. This was the reaction I was bracing for in my initial confrontation. The flash of shock has worn off and logic has started it’s course. She told me she felt like Dorothy and the Wicked Witch in the same body. One side wants to just go home and have us all live happily ever after and the other wants to hate me for what I’ve done. I had to take off work yesterday to settle things down. She talked to her parents in the evening. On her way to talk to them, I could tell by her goodbye that a resolution was drawing near but wasn’t sure exactly to what degree. After a lingering hour of paralysis later, she came home. And to her senses as well. While I can’t agree with the fundamental belief she was raised with, the one that nailed down the lid for so long on my identity, I am glad that she has something to stand by. Now that the curtains have been drawn, guess that makes me the Wizard.’

A Wizard of Oz reference. And he’s been questioning that he’s gay? Anyway, welcome to the technicolor side of life, Simon. Glad you finally decided to join us.

So which of you recruited him? Who gets the toaster?