A Very Gay Experiment

Tired of living in loser countries that want to round you up in concentration camps and stone you to death based on fictional 5,000-year-old Jewish scrolls?

Well then! « The Gay Kingdom of the Coral Sea Islands » just might be for you!

‘Alone, unaided, neither seeking nor requiring help the Gay & Lesbian Kingdom rose in self defence, so long as gay & lesbian people cherish freedom & equality, so long as small states strive for the dignity of existence, the exploits of the gay & lesbian activists who first settled these islands in 2004 will be told from one gay generation to another with the deepest pride. The Australian Parliament introduced anti gay marriage & adoption legislation and we have sort to have it condemned and the gay government resent it, and the religious right who are behind these moves with all our might. By declaring our nation independent, never have freedom, equality, justice, gay national interest and international morality been so rightly protected. It may seem the Gay & Lesbian Kingdom of the Coral Sea Islands stands alone against numerous homophobic nations and religious organisations, but we have faith in our declaration of independence, and in the underlying forces in gay history which have so often given the finally victory to spirit over matter, to inner truth over mere quantity. We believe in the vigilance of history, which has guarded our steps, the guardian of the gay & lesbian kingdom neither slumbers nor sleeps.’

Sounds like a gay James Bond film.

But hurry! « You too can become a citizen with a passport and everything »

‘The Gay and Lesbian Kingdom of the Coral Sea Islands offers a policy of automatic citizenship to gays and lesbians, similar to Israel’s right of return, subject to application and verification. The Chief Justice of the High Court of the Gay Kingdom is authorized by the Goverment of the Gay Kingdom to immediately establish legal methods for members of the gay tribe, wherever dispersed in the world, to secure such documents, passports and other things by which the crown may identify it’s subjects with security and confidence.’

How very … something or other.