Snow? Pshaw …..

As we slog around in the weeks of snow that have been dumped on southeast Michigan, it’s mordantly amusing to see what happens in parts of the country that aren’t as used (inured?) to snow as Michigan is:

A mere inch of snow was all it took to cripple North Carolina’s capital—and prompt plenty of finger-pointing Thursday as the city thawed from the surprise storm that caused gridlock and left 3,000 students stranded in classrooms overnight.

While a TV weatherman hung his head in shame—telling viewers his forecast of a mere dusting was “embarrassing”—the mayor vented at meteorologists for leaving Raleigh unprepared for Wednesday’s storm.

“A forecast that had given a better indication of the likely problem would have been very helpful,” Mayor Charles Meeker said.

Residents—particularly those who have lived in other parts of the country—could not believe the city was brought to its knees by just an inch of snow.