Blow Out

I was going to get a good start on my riding program by biking every day, but alas, it was not to be.

I biked five miles on Saturday the first, but as I was returning, I noticed the rear tire was low. So I went to the gas station at Packard/Stadium to air it up. I guess the gauge was inaccurate and I apparently over-inflated the front tire. I biked home fine, but a couple of hours later as I was making dinner, there was a very loud bang in the front of the house and I thought we were being attacked.

Turns out the innertube and tire on the front of the Bobcat pretty much exploded. It ruined the tire and put a two-inch-long shred in the innertube.

So today I went back to « Ann Arbor Cyclery » and had to buy a new front tire and tube. I also got a new, accurate gauge.

The shop wasn’t open Sunday, so between that and all the rain today, I’ve lost two days of riding already.

Oh, well, I’ll just have to make up for it somehow.

While waiting on the installation, I picked up a new catalog for « Marin Bikes ». This year’s Bobcat Trail is little changed from the 2004 model I bought, with one exception: the 2005 model is matte black and totally slick looking. Almost makes me wish I’d waited, but I’m still happy with my red one.