Airlines Balk At TSA High-Handedness

Well, I see that « the TSA is at it again with the bone-headed stupidity »:

‘In what the TSA says is an effort to gather all security information in a central clearinghouse to track trends, the agency is demanding that carriers “immediately” report to the TSA each incident that could be considered a security threat. The airlines already report security concerns to the TSA. But they say that being forced to report even minor incidents—and first to the TSA rather than the FBI, which has both the legal jurisdiction to handle crimes aboard aircraft and more experienced aviation-security agents—is unnecessary and will add delays. “The TSA has no idea what they are getting into,” says one airline-industry source. “The airlines get thousands of crank calls a year, and there are thousands more disruptive passengers who turn out to be drunks, not terrorists.” Ken Maxwell, a former counterterrorism official who is now vice president of security for JetBlue Airways, says he is “very concerned” that the new TSA rules will hinder security.’

Well, that’s what the Transportation Sicherheitsdienst is all about boys … doing dumb-ass fascist stuff to look big and macho while doing jack-all about actually protecting airplanes (not to mention ships and ports) from attack.