Liberty = Girly Car?

So, « this forum pretty much addresses my whole ‘Isn’t it sort of a girly car?’ » problem. One example:

‘I am 32, male, living in the city of Chicago. I used to be a VW Jetta driver, but traded it off for a new 2002 Red Liberty a couple of years ago. … I have had zero problems with it in the 25 months that I’ve had it. The gas mileage factor was a bit of an adjustment, especially coming from a Jetta. When I first bought the Liberty, I heard a couple of people say the same thing about it being a girly car. I took offense to this, since I thought my Jetta was much more girly than the KJ. Still, there are ways to “Butch” it up with add-ons. You can buy the Renegade edition light bar and rack, add off-roading parts and guards, etc.

And so on. I guess my opinion of the Liberty continues to move over to the more positive side. I just can’t get over them trashing the original Cherokee.