Big Game

There’s a big game this weekend. Oh, yeah, then there’s that insignificant UC Berkeley/Stanford “Big Game”. (Believe me, I’m not about to stick my foot in my mouth on this one.)

Stanford will likely lose, judging from their abysmal record this year, but then again, pigs could fly. Anyway, SFist links to this hilarious interview with Arnold Schwarzenegger, who, judging from his ignorance of all things NCAA, should be mighty glad that he’s not the governor of Michigan or Ohio this weekend.

Q: Who do you think is going to win the Big Game on Saturday?

A: [Pause] What is the Big Game?

Q: Cal-Stanford.

A: Well, your guess is as good as mine. I was wrong with the Red Sox and my wife won that bet, as a matter of fact she was so excited she jumped up and down and broke her foot. So I’m not going to go into, I’m not that good at predicting the victory.

Q: You are the people’s governor, you should say University of California.

A: That is what I wish but it is not what I can predict will happen. I wish that is the direction it goes.