Hit and Run and Banishment

I made it to 90 miles on the Bobcat before disaster struck: A few weeks ago, I was involved in a hit-and-run with a total bitch who came from behind me while I was cycling south in the bike lane on Packard and turned right into me. I hit her car hard with my hands and am still recovering from a nasty cut on my left ring finger.

Fortunately, the Bobcat is all in one piece and completely unscathed. My hands took the brunt of it. I came home and filed a police report. Long story short, the woman denied it and is allegedly facing a lie detector test. Haven’t heard anything beyond that.

The big problem is that my surgeon has now banished me from any bike riding for two long months, just as I was really enjoying it and getting into the groove. I had lost one waist size and some poundage. Now I’m relegated to putting it on the stationary stand in the basement and cycling in one place, without gripping the handlebars. It’s a total pain in the tuckus, let me tell you.

And fall is such a wonderful time to bike around. Sigh. I may have to get sneaky …