The Consequences of Fear

As a followup to the post below about a white woman’s encounter with a group of suspicious swarthy men on a flight to L.A., « the truth is finally coming out »:

‘Undercover federal air marshals on board a June 29 Northwest airlines flight from Detroit to LAX identified themselves after a passenger, overreacted, to a group of middle-eastern men on board, federal officials and sources have told KFI NEWS. The passenger, later identified as Annie Jacobsen, was in danger of panicking other passengers and creating a larger problem on the plane, according to a source close to the secretive federal protective service. Jacobsen, a self-described freelance writer, has published two stories about her experience at, a business advice web site designed for women. The lady was overreacting, said the source. A flight attendant was told to tell the passenger to calm down; that there were air marshals on the plane.

The source said the air marshals on the flight were partially concerned Jacobsens actions could have been an effort by terrorists or attackers to create a disturbance on the plane to force the agents to identify themselves. Air marshals only tactical advantage on a flight is their anonymity, the source said, and Jacobsen could have put the entire flight in danger. They have to be very cognizant of their surroundings, spokesman Adams confirmed, to make sure it isn’t a ruse to try and pull them out of their cover.’

Ain’t it grand? I’m keeping an eye on Women’s Wall Street to see if they post a followup or retreat from the story. So far, they’re only linking to followups on fascist websites.