They Found the WMDs …

… except that they’re not in Iraq, but in « North Korea »:

‘North Korea is likely to be producing nuclear bombs even as it conducts negotiations with the United States and four other countries on ending its weapons programs, the senior U.S. official responsible for those talks told Congress yesterday. “Time is certainly a valid factor in this,” said James A. Kelly, the assistant secretary of state for East Asian affairs, during testimony before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. “We don’t know the details, but it’s quite possible that North Korea is proceeding along, developing additional fissionable material and possibly additional nuclear weapons.” Although North Korea has asserted that it has produced weapons-grade plutonium since the crisis over Pyongyang’s nuclear programs began 20 months ago—and though U.S. intelligence analysts broadly believe that the number of nuclear weapons held by North Korea has increased from two to at least eight during this period—it is highly unusual for a senior administration official to concede publicly that North Korea’s stockpile may be growing.

“The bottom line is that we now confront a much more dangerous adversary than we did in 2001,” said Sen. Joseph R. Biden Jr. (Del.), the ranking Democrat on the panel. He accused the administration of adopting a policy of “benign neglect” even after learning that Pyongyang had a clandestine nuclear effort, and then taking “more than two years to resolve its internal divisions and settle on an approach for dealing with North Korea.”’

Gosh, I feel so much safer with the Boy Emperor’s adults in charge.