We went to Tios the other night. Very good Mexican restaurant (odd location, though, across the street from the Ann Arbor News building and nothing else around it). The atmosphere was pretty laid-back, the rows and rows of chili bottles lining the walls was a nice touch, and the food, though a little too rich for my increasingly cranky stomach lining, was excellent (and the portions huge).

We went to Seva (a vegetarian restaurant at 314 E. Liberty) last night. Also very good. Actually, excellent. Steve had a bowl of some of the best tomato soup I’ve ever tasted and a breakfast-type plate, I had quesadillas. And a piece of carrot cake. On a related note, a Canadian on some vegetarian discussion list snootily called this restaurant “an oasis in the midst of ‘Nugentland,’” as though the rest of Ann Arbor were nothing but gun racks and road kill. I love Canada, and good ol’ AA may be overrated, but come on.