Civic Engagement

It’s good to know that some people have nothing better to do with their time than write letters to their local newspapers (in this case, the Aberdeen American News in South Dakota) and ask whether any local libraries “carry” a “children’s book out right now that advocates homosexuality.”

The newspaper’s News Line helpfully identified the book(s) — King & King and its sequel, King & King & Family — and wrote in reply:

The books are not available at the Alexander Mitchell Library in Aberdeen. A search of the state’s library network revealed that no public library that is part of the South Dakota online database has them. However, several public libraries in Minnesota have the books as do some in North Dakota, though none locally.

Alexander Mitchell officials said that there are some public libraries in South Dakota that aren’t part of the state’s online network, and it’s possible the books might be found at any of these locations.

The News Line is correct — at least about the online network part of its answer. I checked the South Dakota Library Network online catalog. No hits for the titles or the authors (Linda de Haan and Stern Nijland).

Oh, by the way, in case anyone was wondering: Ann Arbor District Library has King & Kingfour copies !!!!! And one of them is checked out !

Ypsilanti District Library, however, does not have the offending title.

What a fine public service. The Aberdeen American News slogan: “Making it easier for South Dakota book burners to zero in on their targets, even if they’re across state lines.” Well, thank God that no easily identifiable South Dakota library has that trash in its collection. [Aberdeen American News story courtesy LISNews.]