First Day of Spring

It was a little chilly and blustery, but not bad. The best part was all the bright sunshine, which came after early morning thunderstorms which woke me up around 4:30 a.m. with two big loud thunderclaps.

We took the dog to check out Bird Hill Park, which is supposedly the largest in AA, but parking areas were muddy and trails were dirt, which meant more mud. We found one parking area off Newport Road, but an unleashed Doberman was being allowed full use, so we scrubbed that.

We ended up at Barton Dam Park, where there were lots of dogs, but it wasn’t too bad. We explored the area, which is really kinda nice, wore out the dog and then I drove through the Country Club area, which has a ‘private road’ posted with very obnoxious signs that might as well have said ‘you’re not a rich bitch in an SUV so you have no bidness up in here with us rich white folk. We got some stares, but I drove on through anyway. At one point, some snooty woman in a Suburban on her cell phone pulled out of the country club parking lot and followed us all the way out and through town. I thought she might use her phone to report that riff-raff were trying to drive through her snot town.

We scored many mega videos at the Mallett’s Creek branch library and came home.

Today is cold, blustery and not as sunny. Frank went to the store, dropped a bag and broke a jar of jelly and some eggs. Didn’t have a good trip. He made breakfast and now I’m going to take a long bath and then work on the site while watching movies.